Drawing at work today.

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Glamour AudioBook →

Look what I found. Gorgeous women in fancy outfits, reading you some classic literature. 

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So I’m visitin the Dirt Burg

Anyone wanna go to the quarries with me today?

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New headphones never made Radiohead sound so good with homework :)

New headphones never made Radiohead sound so good with homework :)

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Status Update

Learning Photoshop
Converting a garage into an art studio
Still maxing out my time on design homework (stupid north end project)
Still looking for a loft in Boston that’s the same price as this place
In need of motorcycle time

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not gunna lie. we need to kill a few million people and stop this madness… 

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"Fuck me like you hate me!"
She said that last night to me. 
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What is this and why am I laughing so hard

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"Ma’am. It appears you have a case of the hippies…"
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Alvar Aalto - Experimental house, Muuratsalo island 1952. Via Nico Saieh & HassanBagheri.

A fellow student did a project on this house and I fell in love….with the house, not him. 

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The composition of a water molecule explained in “Beyond the Microscope,” a GE science film from 1922. 

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