Looking for digital radio

Currently I’m a huge fan of my local Newtonians for their WZBC 90.3 fm independent radio station but I’m looking for more. if anyone knows of any indie radio stations that may or may not have apps where I can listen, let me know!

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Field trip day. Site visit to the site….behind the bar

Field trip day. Site visit to the site….behind the bar

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If you stab a rich person, they will bleed pennies, but you won’t get much else…

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The designer electric moped. What I need like RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND

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Who is John Galt?!?!?!?! now I really have to finish this damn book…

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"The entire history of science is a progression of exploded fallacies, not of achievements"
Dr. Robert Stadler, in Atlas Shrugged; by Ayn Rand
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Ava Luna - Sears Roebuck M&Ms - YouTube →

Saw these guys tonight at Great Scott in Alston! So good! Heard ‘em before on 90.3 wzbc newton a few times too. Def a band to see and support!

— 2 weeks ago
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Market Basket

Someone should hold up a sign or spray paint on their windows “who is John Galt?”. If that made it to the news, that would make my day :)

— 1 month ago
- Watch More Funny VideosMeet The World’s Only Skateboard Cop

skateboarding cops get my thumbs up

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So I’m looking for Roommates!

I’m throwing this out to anyone following or soon to follow my tumblr/ get in contact with me. I’m looking for housing closer to my grad school so I could commute less and theoretically get less exhausted moving around so much. 

I found a Realtor that is offering me a small 5-6 bedroom place between comm ave and beacon st in Alston near Boston. it would be about $725 plus utilities per month. the more people that join, the more upkeep we do on the house, the less we use in heat and waste, the lower that price gets; and let me tell you, I did my fucking homework on this, this is the best fucking place ANYONE will ever find for that price and location. It’s just a short walk  from like 20 different bars and clubs (including the paradise lounge and sunset bar). 

If you (or anyone that we may mutually know of could get along with) are looking for a place to live with more than several possibilities for work and fun  near by, let me know and I will show you the place and maybe we could get you a place to live :) 

— 2 months ago
John Galt

Who the fuck are you?!

— 3 months ago
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I explained today, to a black roommate of mine, the joke behind the “ugly wires” xfinity commercial after he exclaimed that he didn’t understand the humor. I told him that it’s like the word “nigger”. If i said it and he came around the corner and asked “what about niggers?” then we would all be in a very uncomfortable position… which is where I put myself anyways. 

— 3 months ago
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